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Asian dragons, China dragon, Oriental dragons, Chinese dragon
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Asian dragons, Chinese dragon, China dragon, Oriental dragons
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Asian dragons
Chinese dragon pictures and cliparts suitable for China dragon tattoos or desktop wallpapers. These Chinese dragon / Oriental dragons are the result of my growing interest in graphic softwares, like Photoshop and Paint shop Pro. These oriental graphic designs and images in Best Wing and Burning Graphics, are some of my own creations. Hundreds of oriental arts with ancient China dragon mythology  in the 15 art galleries suitable for dragon tattoos or download some cool 3D web backgrounds & 3D desktop wallpapers. Those Chinese dragon cliparts, motifs, icons, images and designs that are displayed in the galleries are not my creations and credits must be given to the respective owners or creators. You are free to download those web graphics that are created by me. If you are not sure of it, please do download them. I have this mentality: when people take my images, they appreciate my creations. Therefore you have my blessings for using those graphics created by me. Do what you like and have a good time visiting my pages.
Chinese dragon / Tiger Kimono & Dynamic China dragon Reversible Robe from Asian countries like Japan, China & Indonesia. Wrapping a work of exotic Asian / Chinese dragon art around their body.
Mythology - Asian dragons
In the mythology of various Oriental countries, notably Japan and China,
the dragon is the supreme spiritual power, the most ancient emblem in Oriental mythology and the most ubiquitous dragon motif in Oriental art. Oriental dragon represent celestial and terrestrial power, wisdom, and strength. They reside in water and bring wealth and good luck and, belief, rainfall for crops. In traditional Chinese New Year's Day parades is believed to repel evil spirits that would spoil the new year. The five-clawed China dragon became the Chinese Imperial emblem (the four-clawed, the common dragon). The three-clawed-dragon is the Japanese dragon. In Hindu mythology, Indra, god of the sky and giver of rain, slays Vitra, Dragon of the Waters, to release rainfall. Different region has its own dragonology or dragon mythology. Most interesting Asian dragons of them all are the ancient China dragon. Read more tales of the mythical creatures: Asian dragons, including China dragon, Chinese dragon and Oriental dragons spread all over the site in no specific order.
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Art gallery of 500 Chinese dragon pictures
In the FarEast, the dragon managed to retain its prestige
and is known as a beneficent creature. The lung and the oriental dragons represented yang, the principle of heaven, activity, and maleness in the yin-yang of their  cosmology. From ancient times, it was the emblem of the Imperial family, and until the founding of the republic (1911) it adorned the  National flag. It came to Japan with much of the rest of Chinese culture, and there (as ryu or tatsu) it became capable of changing its size at will, even to the point of becoming invisible. Both Chinese-dragons  & Japanese dragons, though regarded as powers of the air, are usually wingless. They are among the deified forces of nature in Taoism.
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hundreds of Chinese dragons in 16 galleries. hundreds of WESTERN DRAGONS in 12 galleries.
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