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One has never heard of Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy???
Of course not, as these sacred masterpieces of art can only previously be found in the ancient world of the Orient, until now. Find out for yourself just how wonderful these personalised art items are!
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Chinese Ancient Art Form
Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy is an ancient art form that dates back at least 2,000 years to pictography engraved on Neolithic pottery. Under the Han dynasty, our own alphabet is also believed to have begun with picture writing. Just as some English names were derived from certain Greek meanings, masters of Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy aim to portray an individual's name through skillful colorful brush strokes in a fascinating way. The world knows you by your first name, which is perhaps the reason why such meaningful art has been developed at all.
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Find out what the meaning of your first name in Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy symbols.
Are you powerful like a dragon or noble as a phoenix? Provided below are listings of the
most common English names. Please select the appropriate category for your first name. If
you have a unique name that is not listed in our charts, simply email us and we will have
your name translated for you.
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Find our your personality traits as interpreted by our rainbow calligraphy masters today! Measures 12.5cm x 17.5cm / 5 inches x 7 inches and comes with a classic bamboo frame.
( Asian men's clothing, Chinese women's clothes, Oriental children's garment )